oh my. where did last week go??

i had the most perfect intentions of a great blog week. gaahhh, how did it become saturday already?? i have lots of pics and a fun diy planned for monday
...and i mean it this time....
when you write in italics, that seems pretty promising, right?
perch is taking up a lot of free time lately. so many last minute things to think through...shipping, pricing, packaging, labels, cards...did i say shipping already? eek. that's a lot.
liz, you are getting your perch winnings this week!
i'm so excited to open the shop in 19 days!
come on june 1st

here are a few pics that summarize the past week

 oh and did i mention paul & abbey had there first baby...Vail Surrett Campbell. 
she is so perfect.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Your header pictures are so cute...and you're right, italics mean business. I'll be back to check out your DIY :)


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