matchcase diy

oh, matches...
i don't like the actual matchbox. it doesn't go. it doesn't match and it doesn't look pretty. 
are ya with me?? 
still on the hunt for a vintage matchbox holder like one of these:

1920s-1930's Depression Green Wall Mount Match Box Holder

or check this bad mamma jammie:

Brass Donkey Match box holder

but...until i find that perfect vintage matchbox....
here is a fun fix for the less than cute paper matchbox

what you'll need:
glass jar of any size/shape
small piece of twine/rope
hole punch

find a glass jar of any size or shape
(i used a hot sauce jar...seems appropriate for matches, right?!...)
cut a portion of the strike area off the matchbox
punch a hole in the top corner
pull a piece of twine through the punched hole
secure around the neck of the glass jar by making a simple knot
and you're done!

much better than the paper match box if i do say so myself!
happy day, my friends!


  1. super cute! i love it! great idea.


  2. What a great idea! Also thanks for showing off my vintage/antique match box! I appreciate that so much. :) Have a great weekend! Stacey

    1. absolutely, i just loved it!
      enjoy your weekend as well!

  3. your DIY's are the BEST! i made 3 of these for our house! (:


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