100th post + a giveaway!

to celebrate the 100th post let's have a giveaway!
since the grand opening of perch is just around the corner it seems like a perch giveaway is perch-fect!

to enter: leave a comment on this post
i'll announce the winner on friday: may 4th

here's a look at what you could have delivered right to your front door
who doesn't love a fun package???


  1. I miss you my friend! Hope you are having a safe trip! I'm so excited for perch to open!!! Love you!

  2. looking forward to your grand opening :) have fun in Florida!!

  3. Eeeekkk what an exciting giveaway!!! And I can't wait for the grand opening! Hurry back from FL.. I miss you!


  4. ah, love this. such a cute giveaway and a great start to perch! hope you're having a blast with the gp's (:

  5. Love your blog! :) It was good seeing you at Nordstrom the other day! :)

  6. have the best time in Florida and hug your parents for me!
    pick me! pick me! : )


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