floral print

i really love these floral prints.
one for each month. yet to come across an october...!
{me & the hubby's bday plus anniversary. busy month!}
i see them all over the place but don't know the story behind them. this little gem was in mini form. had to sccop that up for sweet vail. plus the frame was awesome.
and a true sucker for a frame....
if you know some info on the prints, do share!

laundry room

a few months back i removed the laundry room bi-fold shutter doors. i thought i'd be able to quickly decide on a replacement...several months later they remained exposed!
so undecided on what to do.
so, in the meantime i threw up this extra long tablecloth from williams-sonoma to cover the washer & dryer. not ideal, but i love that it's finally covered temporarily.
i would love to hang a nice lace-y diddy but haven't found the one yet.



memorial day 4 years ago

back in the day, four years ago to be exact, i was training for the MS 100 ride. on one of the training rides i ended up wrecking and breaking my right elbow....shattering it into fun little pieces....!

i remember that time after the accident being so challenging. not just for the obvious reasons of not being able to drive, write, shower, and basically function but it was way more emotional and hurt my soul. things changed in a day. i wasn't able to go on a younglife camp trip that i was so pumped about going on with some great girls, wasn't able to complete the ms 100 ride that i'd been training so hard for....so many things that i felt kept pushing me down. 
now that four years have passed, i can happily say this bike wreck was the best thing that happened to me. going full force with training, working out, younglife, and life in general was too much and i really believe that God used this accident to slow me down. 
i mean he shut it down in a day. 

a few months before the accident i bought my first home. little did i know that this home and this bike wreck would be the two things that led me to my sweet husband. he lived a few doors down from me so when i finally mustered up some energy i headed over to the pool for some sunshine and fresh air. there it was i met the love of my life. we have some funny stories on how we met, but i'll save that for another time. all that to say, memorial day has a whole new meaning in my life.

hope you all enjoy your weekend.
{i'll be back full force next week with some great diy's for the summer}

 check that short hair awesome sling...yowza


hello friends
i was waiting until june 1st to have the official grand opening of my perch store through etsy. last monday i opened the store and wanted to make sure i work out any kinks before i really tell everyone about it. well, in the meantime, i had my first sale...and then another! i was soo excited when i saw the message pop up on my phone. i was in the midst of scolding the pups for destroying my bedroom door when this happy little sound came from my phone and changed my mood in a snap!
crazy how that can happen, eh?
anywho. i'm still figuring out the best way to take photos and promote through etsy so bear with me as it will only get better, promise!
i'm really  excited about finding fun crates to add to the store and 
seeing how people use them in there own home. 
can't. wait.

last march i was looking for something to really make a hobby. i love to cook and be creative in the kitchen so i though pampered chef was a natural choice. i joined and met lots of great people through our team. as months went by i felt guilty as i wasn't really contributing much with pampered chef and it wasn't really what i was passionate about. 
in the back of my mind i have always dreamed of doing something creative with our thrift finds. but figuring out the direction i wanted to go took several months. the name of the shop was easy, got my bro to work the logo, and then created the etsy store...last october. i sat on it for a while and really wanted to make sure what i sell there is something i reallly love. 
a love so deep i don't want to sell it because i love it so much type thing. 
so, perch is a compilation of what i love. 
and i hope you do too!

{oh, and if you are looking for a pampered chef rep, susan brown is the best...!}

treasury list

now that my cousin's sweet baby girl has arrived....i'm all about some baby goodness.
{ remember these invites and this shower?? }

accessories, decor, clothes, jewelry...the whole nine.
seriously can't get enough.
so, i channeled my baby excitement and headed over to etsy and created a fun treasury list of my recent favorites. i'll certainly be making some purchases soon!  


matchcase diy

oh, matches...
i don't like the actual matchbox. it doesn't go. it doesn't match and it doesn't look pretty. 
are ya with me?? 
still on the hunt for a vintage matchbox holder like one of these:

1920s-1930's Depression Green Wall Mount Match Box Holder

or check this bad mamma jammie:

Brass Donkey Match box holder

but...until i find that perfect vintage matchbox....
here is a fun fix for the less than cute paper matchbox

what you'll need:
glass jar of any size/shape
small piece of twine/rope
hole punch

find a glass jar of any size or shape
(i used a hot sauce jar...seems appropriate for matches, right?!...)
cut a portion of the strike area off the matchbox
punch a hole in the top corner
pull a piece of twine through the punched hole
secure around the neck of the glass jar by making a simple knot
and you're done!

much better than the paper match box if i do say so myself!
happy day, my friends!

oh my. where did last week go??

i had the most perfect intentions of a great blog week. gaahhh, how did it become saturday already?? i have lots of pics and a fun diy planned for monday
...and i mean it this time....
when you write in italics, that seems pretty promising, right?
perch is taking up a lot of free time lately. so many last minute things to think through...shipping, pricing, packaging, labels, cards...did i say shipping already? eek. that's a lot.
liz, you are getting your perch winnings this week!
i'm so excited to open the shop in 19 days!
come on june 1st

here are a few pics that summarize the past week

 oh and did i mention paul & abbey had there first baby...Vail Surrett Campbell. 
she is so perfect.

thrifting demystified

there is no secret to thrifiting. although some people might say otherwise. maybe it's not a secret but more knowing your style. when you walk into the thrift or consignment store it can be a little daunting since it's not like j.crew and you immediately love everything you see all at once. it does help to know what your home needs (or wants) to make the trip less overwhelming. i can easily get distracted from my original goal and talk myself into needing more frames....you always need frames, right?? ah, frames. my achiles heel....
even if you don't know what you exactly want, it's good to go with a
loose idea...like, bedroom pictures or fun decor for the living room. anything to help narrow down the hunt, you'll be thanking yourself later otherwise you get lost and ovewhelmed in this creative frenzy.
having a goal = smart thrifter

so when you head out to thrift, it's good to know where to go and learn which ones are places to regularly shop. as you're shopping....don't be intimated by what others are doing or not doing. sometimes blogs and pinterest can hinder allowing yourself to think of things on your own. don't get me wrong...i love a blog more than anything and love seeing what other people are doing...but don't let yourself get lost in that and shut off your own creative juices!

all that to say...
here are some of my fav's in the good ol' hampton roads area:
thrift usa
country boy
brenda's good buys
hope house
consignment store
salvation army

most of my favorite things in our home have come from these lovely places.
i must say i'm pretty lucky that derrick loves to hunt for treasures too. he has a really good eye for finding the diamond in the rough....
breakfast and thrifting....the perfect saturday together....

hope this helps bring a little ease to the thought of thrift shopping. if you haven't tried it yet, go! you will be amazed at how your mind suddenly cranks out some creative ideas...
happy shopping my friends!


congratulations to the lovely liz!!
hope you enjoy this little gem & find the perfect place for it!
thanks to everyone for playing...i'll have more soon so stay tuned!

happy sunday friends
i guess i was a little ambitious with thinking i could get a post out on friday...!
i'll make it up to you with a diy & lots of pics this week.

100th post + a giveaway!

to celebrate the 100th post let's have a giveaway!
since the grand opening of perch is just around the corner it seems like a perch giveaway is perch-fect!

to enter: leave a comment on this post
i'll announce the winner on friday: may 4th

here's a look at what you could have delivered right to your front door
who doesn't love a fun package???