vacation! (kinda)

next week i'm headed to florida!!
my main reason/purpose is to drive my sweet grandparent's down to there new digs.
which is an amazing set up at my parent's house.
it was way too easy for me to volunteer. i mean, let's look at the obvious reasons:
one}   i'll see my parents + little bobbi!!
two}   hang by the pool
three} see my college roomie
four}   have i mentioned it's florida???
that's reason alone to be happy!

are they not the cutest gram & poppy ever??
photo cred: mary mckittrick
anywho. this will be a cherished trip. any time spent with my grandparents is time well spent. i can only imagine all the laughs & jokes to be had. plus, my gram will certainly make sure i know how to drive by offering lots of tips and pointers!
i'm really excited about finding some thrift & antique shops on the way down. there is something to be said about searching other cities/states thrift stores. makes the hunt & find a little more interesting.

{speaking of which}
my next post will be the 100th! woo hoo
so, to celebrate...let's do a little perch giveaway
make sure to come back & enter for a chance to win!


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  1. don't you love little getaways? and so fun to be able to spend time with your grandparents! hope you all have an uneventful drive down & then some serious relaxation (:

  2. Selfishly, I'll miss you at the office but know you'll have a fab time with your grandparents and parents! Can't wait for your little giveaway!



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