fridge failure

i'm going to warn you--i might be a little overly excited about this fridge....!
our fridge died last weekend. i don't know exactly when, but we started hearing a random noise coming from the kitchen friday afternoon. we tried to ignore it as long as possible....
it came to a point where we just couldn't put it off any after we fumbled around a bit we realized the fridge was dead. well, partially dead. lights and motor running but not keeping it cold. we tried a few things with the electrical box and then headed to bed. i set my alarm for an hour later to see if was cool...woke up and thought it was okay...apparently not! that saturday morning...
everything. was. warm.
like not salvageable at all. so frustrating. thankfully mom was here and was able to go fridge shopping with me. we found a whirlpool fridge and was able to have it delivered monday.
seriously, it's amazing.
i love it.


a little before & after....
now, to work on those cabinets.....


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