danville & nashville friends + shamrock half

st patty's weekend we had our fun friends from danville & nashville come to stay with us.
we. were. pumped.
fred, elisa and there sweet baby bella + ashly, catherine and another sweet baby madi = awesome weekend

i took off on friday and the fun started immediately. we met ash's sister & hubby at rockafellers in va beach. delish. although we couldn't really enjoy the gorgeous view through the heavy rain and crazy thunderstorm!
we stayed up late every night and had a blast chattin it up and tellin tales from the past.
we made a point to show our friends a good time in va beach...which meant a trip to watermans and a tasty orange crush was a must!
it was a hit, of course!

sunday was the shamrock half marathon.
me, cat & wendy all participated.
all the cold mornings running and long runs paid off. it was so fun to race again. oh, and all the encouragement from derrick...anytime i questioned whether or not to run, he was there pushing me along and coaching me through it. thanks babe!
plus, it was the first time derrick got to see me race which made the finish extra sweet.
i loooved running with catherine too! so much fun to have a good running partner.

the only thing missing...our other nashville friends the cunningham's!

{above: bella loved playing with my phone}

 {above: madi (left) and bella (right) photo shoot}

 {above: the beautiful couple, fred & elisa}

 {above: me & cat pre-race}

{above: me, cat & wendy at the start line}

 {above: ash...carrying madi....& derrick cheering us along}

{above: finished!}

{above: the boys: ash, fred & dt}

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