Cleanse America is an organization that has issued a challenge to have 1,000,000 Americans juice for 10 days. my sweet friend Rae & i have accepted the challenge! since this is our first real juicing experience we are going to do a 5 day cleanse. Rae is doing all juices and smoothies while my acceptance speech was a bit different. i'll be doing a 3 day juice and 2 day raw food diet.

there are two ways to participate: raw food diet or a liquid diet
i will be doing a little of both!

there are so many great recipes and tips avialable to help the week go smoothly. it is important to know your body and be aware of your health. juicing may be a stretch for some, but you could certainly make other modifications in your diet and incorporate a few changes at a time.

now that the first two days are done it feels like a huge accomplishment already
i feel great today and am excited for the rest of the week!
 here are a few recipes and concoctions i used. enough was made to have a few servings of each.
day one:
banana, orange
smoothie: peaches, banana, spinach with a splash of water
juice: apples, pears, grapes, sweet potato
{juice recipe from linda wagner she has lots of great tips & recipes}
handfull of raw pecan halves

day two:
juice: apples, pears, grapes, sweet potato
juice: pear, cucumber, mint, parsley (this was so disgusting...not gonna lie to ya)
smoothie: peaches, mangos, banana
mint mineral water

my meal was a little modified on day one since our fridge died on us over the weekend. such a bummer...more on that later. the new one didn't get delivered till mid-morning on monday...making things a little tricky...but i came home to this in the kitchen!
stainless steel whirpool fridge. uh-mazing.
so all is well in the thompson kitchen again!

any tips on juicing or doing a cleanse? let me know!
happy wednesday my friends


  1. Half way through my friend! Proud of us and happy to be on this 'juicing journey' with you!!


    1. yes, you are a lifesaver!! excited for friday!!


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