weekend recap

first of all...d & i went to see the hunger games on friday. let. me. just. tell. you...it was perfect.
truly wouldn't change a single frickin thing.
when does the next movie come out?!?!

my pretty momma had a birthday this weekend. so a birthday bash was in order. we have cousins and great friends (like family) that live nearby so sunday afternoon we had a little bbq lunch.
it was so good.
my mom loooves to cook, i mean loooooves to cook. so she cooked the bbq the night before along with her signature darn good chocolate cake. if you've ever been to the klem's house, i'm sure a d.g.c.c. was made.
while they were at church i was able to schnazz the condo up and have it party-ready in no time.

happy tuesday!

lots of fun pics to come tomorrow.
next up, a new oil painting that you all will die for!

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  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet momma! Loved your birthday sign :)

  2. Oh and yes... most ah-mazing cake in the world!!


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