oil painting

i'm so excited to show you the oil painting my talented cousin, abbey, painted for me.
she is going to be starting her own business doing paintings soon. i'll update you with her contact info when that time comes. can't wait to see her success and more importantly...her sweet baby girl who's arrival is due in just a few weeks!

remember this over-the-fireplace arrangement?
derrick hooked me up with these awesome sconces for my birthday in 2009.

for reals. its even better in person...is that possible? yes.

 the remaining sconces have been moved over to the dining area.
they dress up the area a little; it's a nice change
can't wait to put my next order in with abbey!

happy wednesday, my friends!

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  1. Replies
    1. i agree! she did such a great job.
      let's plan a dinner ASAP!

  2. LOVE, LOVE... and yes, I can vouch that it is even better in person!!


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