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i was doing my daily perusing of blogs and noticed this awesome blog tagging going on over at my sweet friend steph's blog. this is a fun little question & answer game.
i think i'm the 3rd or so in the blog tagging game.
check out stephs answers here
can't wait to get started!

1. if you were an animal, which would you be?
i would hands down be a sweet little pup! all the love and attention, cuddling and yummy treats...who wouldn't want that?!
2. if you could have dinner with anyone who would it be? {i know this one is cliche, but i always love to hear people's answers to this!}
please don't judge me.
jennifer aniston. i love her.
ohhh what about a dinner with jennifer aniston AND justin timberlake.
3. what would you say is the flaw in yourself you would most like to correct?
hmmm...where do i begin?! i think i would have to snarky 'tude.
i tend to be too sassy and end up saying things that i regret. i hate hurting peoples feelings.
4.  where do you see yourself this time next year?
hopefully prego!
if not that, i'd love to be back in full cycling shape
5. fill in the blank: when i have an afternoon totally to myself, i like to ______
at the beach sipping a lovely cocktail

6. are you a chocolate or vanilla kind of person?
vanilla all the way!
although, those dove dark chocolates are very good every so often.
7. would you {or have you} ever traveled solo?  would you? why/why not?
i have done so just within the US though. it was a fun trip and was able to all sorts of random things.
highly recommend a short getaway by yourself at least once. i wouldn't want to go much longer than 2 days or so....i'd want my hubby there after that!

8.  tell me about the best date you ever had.
the best date i ever had was so simple. this was when derrick and i first got together.
we had dinner and drinks at this italian restaurant. we sat outside and ordered an ungodly amount of appetizers, food and wine.
then we headed to the beach to watch the 4th of july fireworks.
afterwards we stopped at wawa for coffee and donuts.
9. which song has been running through your head lately?
we are young....
i hear it alllll the time on the radio.
i'm ready for a new song.
10. did you make any resolutions this year?  how are they going?
i did!
my goals for this year are to get back into running/cycling shape.
so far, so good!
just finished the shamrock half marathon
now, on to the cycling...which will take more dedication & motivation.
wish me luck!


in the spirit of blog tagging....i pass the following questions on to:

1. what's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
2. if you could travel to any place for one month, where would you go?
3. fill in the blank: pets are ________
4. what's your favorite fast food place?
5. if you could shop at only one store, where would you go?
6. what is one skill you've always wanted to learn?
7. what is the best gift you ever received?
8. the furthest place you've been from home?
9. coffee or tea?
10. i am _______ as i write this blog post

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