before & after

let's take a walk down memory lane...
we have this lovely photo wall with a beautiful semolina paint by benjamin moore. 
{it was a great four years, semolina...} 
ps. be warned...lots of pics today!

it was sunday afternoon and we just got back from church
perfect time for a little nap
while flipping through the channels & dozing here and there....i stumbled upon my favorite channel.
dun dun duuuuun.
this got my crazy little mind rolling. picked up my trim paint and got to work.
this turned into.....well, i guess i don't have to be too careful since i want to paint this wall......
thus began the project.
stopped by and got some kilz and went to work!

please help me welcome, blue heather
since beyonce and jay-z recently had a baby named blue....
this color just seemed appropriate, don't you agree??
i is so 2012.

oh...and take notice....those brass doorknobs have turned into black sassy doorknobs
since we updated the door knobs here, they have held up great. 
no complaints at all on the spray paint method.

 below is the view from the kitchen looking towards the guest bedroom

{and just because it's been a while since lil' man made an appearance....
oh, and  sneak peak into tomorrow's post!}

 happy monday, friends!


  1. LOVE! It all turned out so pretty! Can't wait to see tomorrow's post :)

  2. So you painted over the semolina? Reminds me of our first house: the living room was originally a golden color, and then we painted a light aqua over it :).

    1. ah, i guess i am still in denial that the semolina is gone! yes, rip semolina...maybe we'll revive her again soon :)
      thanks for stopping by!


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