baby shower invitation

my sweet cousin, abbey, is expecting her first baby soon.
i can't go into too many details since the shower is later this month
.......but i can share what i did for the invitation
the shower is going to have a vintage theme. i laaaaaabored over what to do for the invite.
something unique? handmade? ugh....what. to. do.....
time was running out so i had to think quickly. i found some textured cardstock from michaels.
using some fabric i found in philadelphia and my favorite craft item...twine!
i combined it all to make this:

{oh, and the blobs are just to x out the personal info....gotta keep some stuff private, eh?}


in other news.....just a few days away from the shamrock half marathon.
my first race since 2008....i can't believe its been that long. i'm so anxious to race again.
bonus for my favorite friends coming to race and cheer!
{oh and praising God that my bronchitis is GONE. wowza, that was a doozy.}

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