a very happy valentines

tuesday was such a good day.
it started out a little wonky thanks to an unpleasant oil change experience for the mini.....
coastal import has stolen our hearts now.

my how quickly things turned around though!
these beautiful flowers from my sweet hubby.
not to brag.....but my man is the best around.
love him to pieces

and getting hooked up with this glitterific letter
can't wait for its arrival

via cranny


  1. well, what a fun to surprise to see my glitter letter on here!
    and your flowers are so beautiful! I think I can smell them from here : )

    love that you still have your mini! I laughed out loud when I read, "in my best wheel of fortune voice" -- you crack me up!

    1. the glitter letter was such a great idea! love it.

      keep the pics of your boys coming, they are so handsome!

  2. Derrick sure is a keeper! Love looking at your gorgeous flowers when I pass your office :)


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