hello 2012!

ahh, 2012. you are finally here.
there is something about a new year. gives me this renewed energy that i was lacking just weeks ago. i'm so excited for this year. i know great things are going to happen.
speaking of new things. i'm loving the top 12 list from jcrew. this bright color trend is going to creep into my closet and break me of my muted basic colors.

Toothpick jean in garment-dyed twill
via jcrew.com
neon persimmon. beautiful description
3" chino short
via jcrew.com
casablanca blue
{can't wait for summer}
Drea patent peep-toe pumps
via jcrew.com
neon peach

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  1. ali- LOVE those shoes...you need to get those stat!


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