diy chandelier

places for christmas decorations in our home are limited. our home is small so we often need to get creative with our holiday cheer.

i've seen wreath chandeliers here and there but they were just a little too elaborate or the space shown didn't quite work for our setup. a long ways back i modified our entryway light by removing the glass shade and replacing it with a fabric lamp shade. since i have already changed it up once i thought it was the perfect spot to experiment with a wreath chandelier.

for this wreath you only need 3 items and it will cost you less than 10 bucks.
wreath: $5
twine/rope: already had but costs about $2-5
pinecones: free from mother nature


during the assembly i used twine to figure out the correct height. once i was happy with that, i cut the real rope to length and replaced the twine. i used 3/8 twisted manila rope.

my dilema not accounted for was how to cover up the light bulbs. i was so frustrated with this part i had to walk away for a couple hours. so, d and i went shopping! while we were out i came up with the idea to hang a ton of pinecones to cover the eye sore. thankfully we have an open field nearby filled with pinecones. i'm sure all you creative folks can think of other alternatives to make it your own and change it up.

i love the simplicity of the wreath/pinecones and the little splash of gold beaded garland. i tried adding other embellishments, but kept coming back to just the wreath, pinecones and bead garland.

ideally, it would be great to add a bunch of stringed lights but who would have thought that battery-operated lights are a fortune....! ridiculous. so, this wreath does not produce any light since i removed the lightbulbs but we have plenty of lighting so its not an issue at all.


completed wreath
so there you have it. let me know if you try one for yourself!

Creating with the Stars

holiday gift guide

i have loved seeing everyone's gift guides lately. gift-giving has evolved over the years and there are some pretty schnazzy things out there. even gifts for the gasp! dare i say....friends who have everything.

here are a few things that have caught my eye:
{all of which are found on etsy. huge fan of supporting small businesses}

                                                            the wheatfield


                                                             hilary frazier


                                                              Soul Peaces


holiday cheer

we love christmas. like a lot. derrick and i were looking back through previous Christmas pics. ohmygoodness our first tree was hideous. it was bad & not kidding. it was all sorts of pokey and leaned terribly. we've come a long way and learned there is a reason we shop for trees at night.

anywho. i pulled up pinterest and came across this great idea for repurposing driftwood. its rather simple and i loved that. so i grabbed my driftwood and my 5 gallon glass jug and got to work. the untraditional has been catching my eye lately.

i'll share more Christmas decorations throughout the week.


blank space

i've had a blank space over our couches for a very long time. just waiting for that perfect piece to jump out at me and demand to be taken home. its been just about a year with a boring blank space over the couch. i just couldn't decide what i wanted. until now. thankfully i have an awesome cousin with similar taste. she knew i've been on the hunt for a certain print so when she came across it, i knew exactly where this beauty would go. so worth the long wait....

the wreath i added was old thanksgiving decor with some faux flowers/pumpkins/not my style so i just removed all the add-ons and let the wreath hang in all its bare glory. it hangs from a long piece of twine that is secured at the top of the wall where the ceiling meets.

i've done this to a few others and have them hanging on bedroom doors as well. even used it last year as my door wreath....added a little tree scrap to sass it up. {i daring}

i feel like i need another something is needed but am happy with it for now.


fall decorating

so you've seen these awesome rope knots but don't know what to do with them. well, today i have some answers. here are a few favorite ways to showcase these unique rope knots. sewafineseam
this creative work is by Jill, over at Sew a Fine Seam. You should check out her blog if you haven't already--she has excellent fall decorating tips/ideas. i love seeing how these rope knots get used. well done!

table knots knot bride smallknot crate decor IMG_1285_zps96d05cca shelf check out the shop to pick yours up today!


derrick and i love antique picking. and we even love a good tv show about it. american pickers on the history channel is such a cool show. mike & frankie...those fella's know so much about american history. its fascinating to watch and i highly recommend tuning in.

when we were in nashville last week we made a point to stop by there store in marathon village. i was hoping to bring home a cool pick even if it was just a small item....well, not so much. there store has lots of high ticket items....high as in hundreds/thousands of dollar items. they did have some t-shirt and other swag but just wasn't feeling it. still very cool to see items they've found along the way. they even have little tags on the items which say what episode the find was featured on.

my picking stopped just shy of the door. i did walk away with a few funny pictures. antpick ashpick hatfield antpick1 bear trap

week(s) off

time away is nice. nice to not check a blog or edit photos but just be. i highly recommend.
{although now i have lots of posts to catch up on...}
oh and it was our 3 year anniversary last week! my new boots and the hubby's new bike are the perfect additions to fall, eh?

but, now that's over and i'm back with my mind full of creative things i want to make happen. so, before i get into the stool redo (that will be later this week) i have a few other things to share!

these are quick little changes around the house + a few additions from our trip to nashville/franklin. funny how cleaning spurs on creativity. ever happen to you?

oh, and starting off with some new pics for the rope knots. a little thanksgiving/christmas preparation....
enjoy and see you back here tomorrow!
table knots mom knot coffee sack coffee bag letterpress t

diy on my mind.

part of the reason i like to blog is to document how things evolve in our home. its seems that these "events" have been on hiatus lately. this i hope to change in a few short days. i have a long list of things ( and i use things rather loosely.... ) that i would love to see happen. life is busy and we don't always get to our list of diy projects or whatever is next on the list. truthfully, blogging is sometimes a double edged sword for me. i love reading and seeing updates in friends home but it is so easy for my mind to turn that into envy/jealousy. this doesn't always happen but when it does it's not pretty. i'm humbled when confronted with my sins and selfishness.
{have you stumbled upon my  talented friend, Sarah's blog yet? she has a fauxtography project that articulates this much better...}
yesterday i was talking with the hubby about this....and by the way he is just so perfect for me for many reasons...but specifically during this conversation he brought me back real quickly. D (the hubby) is so good at keeping me level-headed and focused. i love that about him. and i love that he can wear a button down shirt with the top buttons open with lots of pride. as you can see i get off track in a heart beat and before you know it i'm starting another project that is not thought through and then have a mess on my hands...!

with all that rambling said....i had this lovely moment yesterday which came in due time. the process of journaling has really helped keep me focused too. now i can keep track of what my ideas are and not let them get tainted by envy or jealously. having D around makes that a little easier too...!

so this weekend. as i knock some projects off the list for home and perch, i'll remember to keep the envy at bay and enjoy the things we have been given. next week i'll share the weekend progress!

oh and on a much happier note--starting the countdown to nashville! 11 more days....


thanks for listening to me. sometimes it is hard to articulate exactly what i'm trying to say but it feels good to be challenged through the process.

winner winner + florida

congrats to the lovely Steph for winning the keychain rope knot!
{ oh and if you haven't checked out her blog already, do so! lots of good recipes and travel pics }
it's in the mail my friend!

thanks for all the entries and notes of things you are looking forward to this fall. seriously, you all said my favorite things...except for apple cider. love that stuff.

florida was great. i really did not want to leave. the whole weekend was exciting and busy. here are a few pics from the weekend. now if only my hubby was there....we all missed him!






surprise giveaway

something about vacation makes me want to spread the perch love.
i have a few new products coming out this fall & who better to share one of them with then you, my friends!
one lucky winner will receive a lovely mini rope knot keychain. {your keys want this}

keychain giveaway

keychain giveaway2

to enter: leave me a comment and let me know what your looking forward to this fall.
{i'll close the giveaway on sunday, the 23rd at midnight}
good luck!

do you journal?

do you journal?

i journaled during my high school years rather religiously. since then journaling has been very sporatic. something i long to do, but haven't totally committed to do. my mom recently gave me a lovely moleskin journal which has got me thinking it's time jump on the journal train. i kept holding back since i thought i needed one journal for ideas, one for perch, one for prayers and one for whatever else i wanted to record. why i never thought about using one journal for all, i don't know....!
i would ask friends how they journaled  or what the wrote down not realizing that journaling doesn't have to be so defined. it can be whatever you want. so, that's what i'm going to do. just journal my thoughts/ideas. there really is no right or wrong way to journal.

my next journal purchase (see, i'm already committing...) will be from here. remember her tips from the etsy series? kelly has got it goin' on.

so with that i go to write my first entry and enjoy a tasty cup of coffee.....