a little diy

i found this awesome dresser at our favorite thrift store...thrift store usa...it is beautiful as it is but the inside of the drawers needed a little pick me up. why i didn't get a pic of the dresser i don't know, but i'll post that next time!




1. decorative contact paper or wallpaper will work too
2. cleaning agent such as windex, or furniture polish
3. scissors & exacto knife for trimming edges
4. wood glue

1. before you begin, check all the drawers to make sure they are sturdy. if needed, apply wood glue to reinforce problem areas.
2. measure the inside length & width of each drawer
3. cut the decorative paper of choice
4. lay inside the drawer to make sure it fits
(older furniture pieces may not be exact square, or shape & may need trimming)
5. remove sticky back and...wa-lah!



this is totally my dream kitchen.
with all the movin' & shakin' in our house i need to put a piggy bank out to save for this beauty!


i'm going to put this out there...2011 i want to do the sandman tri again.
it almost hurt to write that....(am i really saying this???)
but, i'm motivated and have already started rearranging the house to keep my bike up on the trainer during these cold cold days. i'll keep you posted on the progress.
wish me luck!


dinner party

our chesapeake community group had such a fun dinner & white elephant gift exchange in december. lots of good food & fun gifts! thankfully my momma was here to help me host!

 thanks everyone for such a fun night. we love you guys!

Hello 2011!

So much fun happened in 2010! My goal for the new year...well one goal is to blog regularly. I will be more organized and have a few diy projects and what not.
ps. My new iPad will certainly make this easier! Taking suggestions for an iPad case/folio....
Happy 2011!