opening & planning etsy shop

i'm in the final steps of getting perch shop open. i have the banner/logo, emails and paypal set up. now i just have to photograph what i'm selling and determine price/shipping. here are a few sneak peaks of what you will find at perch. oh by the way, my creative brother designed this awesome logo. seriously such a huge help. he knew exactly what i wanted in my all-over-the-place description.
{thanks bro!}
january 1st is my target date for opening but just in case there are any sna-phu's (how do you spell that??) january 15th will be a safe plan b.
can't wait for 2012!

Advent, Thrift & Christmas Party

Our Pastor gave a very thought-provoking message this morning. Matthew 2. Sometimes things/words/challenges strike you differently. Today was one of those mornings. I was just really encouraged & a great start to the day!
In other news. Christmas is in a week!?!? bananas.
I scooted out for less than 2 hours and did some shopping damage at the local thrift stores. This year, gifts are going to be a little more unique than in years past. 
Hope my family appreciates the uniqueness!
I'll post my deals and awesome finds after the gifts are received. Seriously, so many good finds! Some days you can find nothing, others...I want it all. Today was one of those days. I had to restrain myself. Driving a Mini Cooper helps since you can only fit but so much. Although...I do get a little creative and force a fit if needed...
Last week, we had our Christmas party with State Farm. I couldn't ask for a better job. My co-workers are not co-workers...they are my dear friends!
{Can't leave the post without some pics}

Christmas decorating & a long weekend

wednesday at work, i realized i had a few days of vacation unclaimed so spontaneously took the rest of the week off to enjoy a 4 day weekend! 
we had a blast. 
everything from pancakes to running & dog and burger to craft fairs (more on that later). we did it.
{here are a few pics}