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derrick and i are embarking on our 3rd year in marriage. 2 years and a few weeks in.
how do you begin to explain God's goodness in your life? people that have blessed & provided for us.
its incredible. 
i could never thank all of you. my family, friends, job, church, community group...seriously, everyone is a blessing and encouragement to me and dt.
i read psalm 37 the other day. that passage really seemed to put into words what i was feeling.
www.blueletterbible.org is a favorite website of mine for looking up verses or topics.
a client of mine. her husband died from pancreatic cancer. married 44 years. young-ish couple. been together forever. she was so sweet when we talked. i could see the sadness, the way she missed her best friend, her husband. she encouraged me to live life to the fullest and enjoy my husband everyday. when i told her derrick and i had just been married 2 years, she was so thrilled. it was like she had a chance to tell me to love my husband, love life together, and just enjoy each other. its so captivating talking to a woman who just lost her best friend. how can you not appreciate what you have?
i'm not sure what her faith is. but that is such a truth on so many levels. 
what am i doing today? how am i loving my husband, friends, family??
i hate that i live for myself so often.
gotta stop that.
{thanks for listening to my ramblings today}
keep me accountable.

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  1. good post ali! so true and it's a good reminder for all of us.


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