just some thoughts

derrick and i are embarking on our 3rd year in marriage. 2 years and a few weeks in.
how do you begin to explain God's goodness in your life? people that have blessed & provided for us.
its incredible. 
i could never thank all of you. my family, friends, job, church, community group...seriously, everyone is a blessing and encouragement to me and dt.
i read psalm 37 the other day. that passage really seemed to put into words what i was feeling.
www.blueletterbible.org is a favorite website of mine for looking up verses or topics.
a client of mine. her husband died from pancreatic cancer. married 44 years. young-ish couple. been together forever. she was so sweet when we talked. i could see the sadness, the way she missed her best friend, her husband. she encouraged me to live life to the fullest and enjoy my husband everyday. when i told her derrick and i had just been married 2 years, she was so thrilled. it was like she had a chance to tell me to love my husband, love life together, and just enjoy each other. its so captivating talking to a woman who just lost her best friend. how can you not appreciate what you have?
i'm not sure what her faith is. but that is such a truth on so many levels. 
what am i doing today? how am i loving my husband, friends, family??
i hate that i live for myself so often.
gotta stop that.
{thanks for listening to my ramblings today}
keep me accountable.

one big post

i was doing so well in october. then november came. what in the world happened?
here's a little update.
i had a bday. it was fantastic. the hubby worked it out for my sweet friends ariel & beau, steph & jordan to meet in williamsburg for a delicious dinner. love hanging out with all of them! such a great time.
then, november was here. i can't even remember all that has happened...which is why i should have blogged. anywho. we are in the prep process for thanksgiving. my parents will be here, plus the grandparents (klem's). can't wait to feast. its going to be awesome. seriously, uh-may-zing food.
in other news, my girlfriend in TN...Cat...and I are going to run the shamrock half marathan. this is my favorite race and i haven't raced since 2008. Cat, hubby Ashly & sweet Madi (i hope she is coming!) are headed here. so so so excited. really. never have been more excited to race with my new friend! love the Dewberry's.  so, with all that being said. i've been running. why did i stop??? it is so hard to get back to where you were. ugh. but, i'm getting there! maybe i need new shoes. new shoes always do that trick.
derrick went to the odu vs iowa st wrestling match. and he was pumped since odu won. it was a big one for them. they are thrilled...more importantly, DT is thrilled!
hmm....not sure what i'm missing, but this is the latest from the past few days.
i'll leave with a sweet pic of sammy. he just got groomed today by mary cagney. the best groomer....ever...
see you on Monday! 
happy thanksgiving week my friends!