lamp shade change

we have this ikea floor lamp from ages ago. pre-marriage. like, high school years.
the lampshade is the awesome coral color but its time for a change. its a little too matchy matchy in the bedroom. so, a little burlap should do that fix.
i bought a ton a burlap & linen this summer to make curtains, but then...shocking....i changed my mind. i saw some ideas for changing things around on design sponge. they have lots a good tips there. particulary this one: diy lampshade great tutorial.
so here is what's goin on...................................

prior to the change, the lampshade was plain white/cream color. i ended up using a different shade than the coral color that was on the floor lamp. i would have needed to use the linen lining so the coral wouldn't show through, but i don't have a sewing machine & didn't want to hand sew....
with the burlap, when i wrapped it around the edges & turned the light on, you could see the imperfections.
hence, the twine on the borders.
next shade will need to have better sewn edges so you don't have the imperfections & jagged edges showing on the backside of the shade. these little tweeks will make all the difference on the next one!

home updates

i love being busy. i'm way more efficient that way. lots done. after church, the craziness began. 
 a while back we painted our bedroom and replaced the carpet. we also painted the doors. well, we only painted the doors on the outside, not the inside of the closets & bathroom. so, that was finally done sunday. sanded & painted! 
so glad to have those 3 doors done. 
(almost sounded like 3 doors down...are they still around???) 
anywho, i saw some great tutorials on my favorite blogs & pinterest for door handle upgrades. so i took the plunge and changed the bright goldish color to black. 
i was hoping for a bronze but didn't find any colors that fit my black it was. 
i didn't take any before & after pictures, but you can get the idea of the before from here.
seriously so excited to get this project finished. i have 2 primer coats complete plus one color coat. tomorrow i'll work on wrapping it up. must make sure it cures really well so trying to be extra careful.


here's what i did:
removed the door knobs
washed them
let them really dry
sanded lightly
wiped off the dust
two coats of primer
two coats of black satin
two coats of polyurethane
this project was spread out over three days to make sure all was dry & cured

etsy shop coming...

after much thought...i'll be opening an etsy shop soon! hopefully by november 1. 
i love decorating, rearranging and re-purposing. 
its just not possible to purchase new items every time you rearrange your home. 
{for me, rearranging is every other week...thanks, dad!}
with my etsy shop i hope to provide that missing link; that place to find design staples that make it easy to re-design your house at the drop of a hat. 
stay tuned for more info on perch.

art & sports

my favorite event: stockley garden art festival. love looking at amazing pieces artists create. finding inspiration & just roaming around stockley garden. the weather forecast looks perfect too.
this is put on by the hope house foundation. they also have the hope house thrift store.
check out the website. neat foundation

then after some nice art perusing, on to the ODU football game!
i love that our saturday is going to cover two entirely different things.
go monarchs!!
so excited...come on 5 o'clock!

happy birthday hubby!

a little white chocolate mocha & a jelly donut
perfect combo of startbucks and dunkin donuts
happy birthday babe!
love you

the weekend

first of all. hello, beautiful weekend weather! how i've missed you.
friday night we stayed in and cooked some delicious tacos & played 5 crowns plus a little rummikub. we love games. i think that's good for couples.
saturday we woke up semi-early & made some bacon (turkey bacon) egg, & cheese breakfast sandwiches then headed out for a little trip to some of our favorite spots.
thrift. portsmouth thrift. macarthur. jcrew to be specific...had a nice giftcard...taste unlimited. met my bro & his sweet gf T. love her & him.
topped off the afternoon with a nap.


now, sipping a glass of wine and trying to decide which picture to print. ali from alisandra photography did a fantastic job with our photo sesh. can't give her enough shout outs. seriously.
here are some photos.

happy monday!