yesterday was so much fun. back in march i went to this silent auction at regent university to raise awareness for sex slaves in india. i bid on a photo session from alisandra photography  i won!!!! fastforward to september 19....we got pics taken and sammy joined us too.
i'm so excited to have some professional pics of our little thompson fam.
i'll obsessively be checking my email for the photos from ali (she even spells same as me....loved her) seriously, ali was amazing.
we went here for pics. the owners were incredibly nice. the farm was gorgeously simple and the horses were handsome. sammy was funny when he saw the he was that a dog?? they are bigger than macy...! the weather. oh the weather all weekend was miserable. just rainy and blah. i prayed and prayed and God gave us one whole hour with no rain and perfect picture taking skies. once we were just wrapping up, it started to sprinkle/rain. i couldn't have been happier that we had this perfect amount of time to take care of business. so so thankful.
i'll share the pics as soon as we get them!

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