dining room chandelier

when i moved in to our condo the lighting fixtures were new and standard. but as with everything else in the home...i feel the need to switch things around. {furniture is rearranged bi-weekly...if not more...} last summer i removed the glass from the light fixtures & ceiling fans in the hallway, kitchen & living room replacing them with lamp shades. just gave it a warmer feel.


so, some time has passed and i'm on the hunt for a light fixture for over the dining table.
not sure if i want to schnazz this one up or find a totally different light.
 here is what i'm working with....


a little hunting on the world wide web & i found a few beauties for inspiration....
{which i think you could find the chandelier cheap at thrift stores....and minus the crystals...}
so more like this

i'll keep hunting. but send me a photo if you find one!

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