anniversary weekend
it's our second anniversary already!
a wilderness weekend is planned.
never thought i'd consider myself a wilderness woman.
maybe a wilderness wife is better stated


how do you know when you are trusting. 
more do you know when you are trusting God? is there a moment/feeling/peace? 
so i did a little word search on my iphone via the esv app. 
2 kings 18 jumped out at me. i'm not sure the whole back story or the complete setting. i believe this is about Hezekiah...who was 25 when he was king & reigned 29 years. 
things like this are said: 
He trusted in the Lord, the God of Israel...vs.5 
For he held fast to the Lord. He did not depart from following him...vs.6 
and the Lord was with him; wherever he went out, he prospered...vs.7 
i tend to make trusting this huge ordeal. maybe it isn't as complicated as i make it out to be. 
like nike said. just do it. right?

{ps. my dad would be so proud of my old testament findings....ha}

dining room chandelier

when i moved in to our condo the lighting fixtures were new and standard. but as with everything else in the home...i feel the need to switch things around. {furniture is rearranged bi-weekly...if not more...} last summer i removed the glass from the light fixtures & ceiling fans in the hallway, kitchen & living room replacing them with lamp shades. just gave it a warmer feel.


so, some time has passed and i'm on the hunt for a light fixture for over the dining table.
not sure if i want to schnazz this one up or find a totally different light.
 here is what i'm working with....


a little hunting on the world wide web & i found a few beauties for inspiration....
{which i think you could find the chandelier cheap at thrift stores....and minus the crystals...}
so more like this

i'll keep hunting. but send me a photo if you find one!

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another post for the boss....sammy, that is.

we gave sweet sammy his flea medicine and for whatever reason, it makes him itchy where it is applied. so, i usually plan to give it to him a few days before our awesome groomer mary comes {with sundogs grooming} but the stars didn't align and i had to give sammy the medicine this week...which calls for a bath from us. he is too stinkin cute. 
check it out.
this is the first day i met sammy. the day derrick gave me my Christmas ('08) gift!
are they not the biggest ears you have ever seen???

{i thought he grew into them....}


{i guess not.....}

Photobucket {happy tuesday my sweet friends!} 
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chevron curtains

hope you all had a perfect weekend.
it was a rainy blah weekend but was so nice to putz around and get things done that
i've been putting off....
etsy is amazing. you can find the best items there.
i love that you can purchase quality handmade goods & support a local producer. 
seriously its a perfect match.
since we painted our bedroom...see here....i've been so hesitant to hang anything on the walls and also make a decision on what kind of curtains. 
i know i want the drapes to hang ceiling to floor. we have this lovely half moon window that brings in more sun and heat than you could ever imagine. the living room has the same half moon set up.
so its going to be hid by a lovely curtain and let sun in on my terms.
oh, and i do want a bold print. 
those are my non-negotiables. i mean that's not asking too much, right? but seriously so hard to pull the trigger and make.a.decision.
check out these chevron curtains. aren't they pretty close to perfect???? or am i dreaming.
i'm not super crazy about pottery barn items but they do have really nice curtains
like these silk beauties
okay. i'll keep you posted on my purchase.
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franklin tn

in august we went to franklin tn. it was so fun. one of the days elisa & i did some shopping in downtown franklin. so many great shops. one was yarrow acres
{they don't have a website but this is the yelp review}
they have the most amazing garden collection. so unique. great for decorating too. 
i could have done some serious damage....but i held back....
{i guess i do have self-control???}
here is one thing i came back with.
each stem is placed in its very own individual hole. just to keep it all nice & perfect.



so i signed up for a pinterest account. i'm still not sure how to use it...what to put on to make the most of it...anyone that has some pointers i would love to hear.
i love looking at other peoples boards/pins but am not sure if its better to do personal pics or web-based photos?? or a combo??
like this for example.
i'm trying a "pin it" button at the bottom. not sure exactly how it works yet.... many questions.

on another note. so excited for my book to come today!
thank you amazon

photo from design sponge

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sammy is three

our little sweet pup just turned three 09.19.11
we hooked him up with lots of his favorites....carrots & pup-peroni's....
happy birthday little man!

a new scarf

in return for watching my brothers dog, macy....i got a gorgeous new scarf.
love love love
not a bad exchange i'd say....
happy tuesday friends!



yesterday was so much fun. back in march i went to this silent auction at regent university to raise awareness for sex slaves in india. i bid on a photo session from alisandra photography  i won!!!! fastforward to september 19....we got pics taken and sammy joined us too.
i'm so excited to have some professional pics of our little thompson fam.
i'll obsessively be checking my email for the photos from ali (she even spells same as me....loved her) seriously, ali was amazing.
we went here for pics. the owners were incredibly nice. the farm was gorgeously simple and the horses were handsome. sammy was funny when he saw the he was that a dog?? they are bigger than macy...! the weather. oh the weather all weekend was miserable. just rainy and blah. i prayed and prayed and God gave us one whole hour with no rain and perfect picture taking skies. once we were just wrapping up, it started to sprinkle/rain. i couldn't have been happier that we had this perfect amount of time to take care of business. so so thankful.
i'll share the pics as soon as we get them!