bad bad blogger....

so its been weeks since i last posted. how does time move so quickly sometimes?!?
we've been busy.
like the good busy. friends, camping, nashville, baby showers, more friends, family, and more family. i love it. some people don't like company. we do. its the best. we love sharing our home with our friends. that's what you're supposed to do right?
our latest trip was to tennessee. we love it there. two of derricks best friends live there...which also means two of my best girlfriends live there too. love that the wives all get along so great. the boys went camping for a few days and the girls had a fun weekend with mani/pedi's and shopping...seriously, can't go wrong.
i'll post some pictures over the next few days to show you some fun things we did.
here's a pic for today:
this is lovers leap in patrick county va.
if you google that you'll find lots of tales how that spot got its name. pretty interesting.
like this one here:


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