mom is back...well at least till june 12th

i love having my mom here! dad couldn't come this time. {we miss you dad!} now that mom & dad live so far away...when they do come to visit the time together is so sweet. and since mom is here longer than a weekend its nice to just relax and not feel like you have to do everything in a day. i must say there is some delicious food at the house. cookies, tasty dinners, homemade by my sweet momma. love it!

on a different note. these past few weeks i've been really challenged about praying. whenever i'm slackin in an area i feel like God shows me that through a ton of different things, conversations, readings, people...i mean everywhere i'm bombarded with it. that's good though. i need bombardment to get my attention sometimes. i always hated the idea of scheduling prayer time. but i schedule things that are important to me so i need to schedule prayer time. not like a time clock but in a way where it is a priority. i think that's important. so i'm embracing that. i'll keep you posted...

enjoy this lovely weekend!

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