bedroom decor re-do

was doing a little thriting with libby the other day & she had a great idea. i stole it.
we both have hideous electrical box panels right by the bed. bad placement fo' sho'
here is what i previously had & oh my word a messy bedroom:
{i promise it's cleaner now & i also blame sammy. look at that face.}

here is what i did:





{our anniversary}


horrible is not even the right word. terrible. ungodly.
i'm talking about the sequins shorts below. way cuter on the website and even more terrible in person...eesh.
to find something else....!
why is it that you can't find anything when you're looking.

northwest river

last weekend fred & elisa came to town. it was a busy weekend but we snuck in a trip to our favorite northwest river park for a nice walk & picnic. 
gorgeous day + wawa subs...perfect.

{i love that elisa is the only one paying attention. so cute.}

{silly boys...who knows...}



sequins? absolutely

Gallery Hop Sequin Shorts
photo via madewell
{steph e. -- got this hot little number for dc, baby.}
it was a risky we'll see...

pampered chef & backyard fishing.

so. the party went awesome with abbey. had such a great time and got to see some old friends too. i was so paranoid about being too structured. although i quickly realized you need to have some structure and give some guidance otherwise you won't accomplish anything. was really fun. and courtney had a party for me too. i really love it. super easy and lots of fun. not to mention getting some extra money is nice too!!!

derrick is outside fishing. a lady yelled out earlier--i'll call the cops!! really funny. seriously. don't waste the cops time on a fishing call??? wow.
here is what he caught. took with my phone so not perfect.

pampered chef par-tay

so, my first pampered chef gig is today. my sweet sweet cousin abbey is hosting a cooking party. should be fun. going to make lots of good food & see good friends. let you know how it goes tomorrow! i'm really excited about pampered chef. its been fun for me to figure this out. i know its going to be a lot of work but it'll be fun work nonetheless. right now i'm just really anxious to get started and make some progress. so, if you need to spruce up your kitchen or need a gift for someone, remember pampered chef!

derrick and i are about to embark on a really busy 2 months. it seems like so much is going on from now till june. although we like busy. busy keeps us active and i sleep better too. do you ever notice that? the lazier i am the worse i sleep. anywho, maybe its just me.

i feel like i need to share something spiritual but i cant seem to find the words. God has been so good to us. and i feel like i should have more to say about all the crazy ways God works in our life. ways you wouldn't ever think. or ways you don't think you need something to happen there...just blessed. really blessed. i think about where God has put me & d with work, church, family, friends...seriously we have the best of all that.

on a totally non-spiritual note: we got netflix...and you should too. we love it. we are obsessed.


saw this on design*sponge and fell in love. really love the before & after's on this blog.
here is my version. still hunting down a lampshade though...



if you look closely in the after will see the renovation sammy did!


April? how'd that happen

whoa. its been almost a month since my last post! lots has happened so i'll update you this week on all the "goin's-on's." here it goes:

let's start with DT & the ncaa wrestling.


while he was doing that.....i got to get a opi gel mani (so nice) and a pedi with my sweet aunt jen
did a little shopping
saw my mommy.
it was perfect...except dad was not
got these bad boys for the summer. can't wait for the sunshine!