opening & planning etsy shop

i'm in the final steps of getting perch shop open. i have the banner/logo, emails and paypal set up. now i just have to photograph what i'm selling and determine price/shipping. here are a few sneak peaks of what you will find at perch. oh by the way, my creative brother designed this awesome logo. seriously such a huge help. he knew exactly what i wanted in my all-over-the-place description.
{thanks bro!}
january 1st is my target date for opening but just in case there are any sna-phu's (how do you spell that??) january 15th will be a safe plan b.
can't wait for 2012!

Advent, Thrift & Christmas Party

Our Pastor gave a very thought-provoking message this morning. Matthew 2. Sometimes things/words/challenges strike you differently. Today was one of those mornings. I was just really encouraged & a great start to the day!
In other news. Christmas is in a week!?!? bananas.
I scooted out for less than 2 hours and did some shopping damage at the local thrift stores. This year, gifts are going to be a little more unique than in years past. 
Hope my family appreciates the uniqueness!
I'll post my deals and awesome finds after the gifts are received. Seriously, so many good finds! Some days you can find nothing, others...I want it all. Today was one of those days. I had to restrain myself. Driving a Mini Cooper helps since you can only fit but so much. Although...I do get a little creative and force a fit if needed...
Last week, we had our Christmas party with State Farm. I couldn't ask for a better job. My co-workers are not co-workers...they are my dear friends!
{Can't leave the post without some pics}

Christmas decorating & a long weekend

wednesday at work, i realized i had a few days of vacation unclaimed so spontaneously took the rest of the week off to enjoy a 4 day weekend! 
we had a blast. 
everything from pancakes to running & dog and burger to craft fairs (more on that later). we did it.
{here are a few pics}


just some thoughts

derrick and i are embarking on our 3rd year in marriage. 2 years and a few weeks in.
how do you begin to explain God's goodness in your life? people that have blessed & provided for us.
its incredible. 
i could never thank all of you. my family, friends, job, church, community group...seriously, everyone is a blessing and encouragement to me and dt.
i read psalm 37 the other day. that passage really seemed to put into words what i was feeling. is a favorite website of mine for looking up verses or topics.
a client of mine. her husband died from pancreatic cancer. married 44 years. young-ish couple. been together forever. she was so sweet when we talked. i could see the sadness, the way she missed her best friend, her husband. she encouraged me to live life to the fullest and enjoy my husband everyday. when i told her derrick and i had just been married 2 years, she was so thrilled. it was like she had a chance to tell me to love my husband, love life together, and just enjoy each other. its so captivating talking to a woman who just lost her best friend. how can you not appreciate what you have?
i'm not sure what her faith is. but that is such a truth on so many levels. 
what am i doing today? how am i loving my husband, friends, family??
i hate that i live for myself so often.
gotta stop that.
{thanks for listening to my ramblings today}
keep me accountable.

one big post

i was doing so well in october. then november came. what in the world happened?
here's a little update.
i had a bday. it was fantastic. the hubby worked it out for my sweet friends ariel & beau, steph & jordan to meet in williamsburg for a delicious dinner. love hanging out with all of them! such a great time.
then, november was here. i can't even remember all that has happened...which is why i should have blogged. anywho. we are in the prep process for thanksgiving. my parents will be here, plus the grandparents (klem's). can't wait to feast. its going to be awesome. seriously, uh-may-zing food.
in other news, my girlfriend in TN...Cat...and I are going to run the shamrock half marathan. this is my favorite race and i haven't raced since 2008. Cat, hubby Ashly & sweet Madi (i hope she is coming!) are headed here. so so so excited. really. never have been more excited to race with my new friend! love the Dewberry's.  so, with all that being said. i've been running. why did i stop??? it is so hard to get back to where you were. ugh. but, i'm getting there! maybe i need new shoes. new shoes always do that trick.
derrick went to the odu vs iowa st wrestling match. and he was pumped since odu won. it was a big one for them. they are thrilled...more importantly, DT is thrilled!
hmm....not sure what i'm missing, but this is the latest from the past few days.
i'll leave with a sweet pic of sammy. he just got groomed today by mary cagney. the best groomer....ever...
see you on Monday! 
happy thanksgiving week my friends!

lamp shade change

we have this ikea floor lamp from ages ago. pre-marriage. like, high school years.
the lampshade is the awesome coral color but its time for a change. its a little too matchy matchy in the bedroom. so, a little burlap should do that fix.
i bought a ton a burlap & linen this summer to make curtains, but then...shocking....i changed my mind. i saw some ideas for changing things around on design sponge. they have lots a good tips there. particulary this one: diy lampshade great tutorial.
so here is what's goin on...................................

prior to the change, the lampshade was plain white/cream color. i ended up using a different shade than the coral color that was on the floor lamp. i would have needed to use the linen lining so the coral wouldn't show through, but i don't have a sewing machine & didn't want to hand sew....
with the burlap, when i wrapped it around the edges & turned the light on, you could see the imperfections.
hence, the twine on the borders.
next shade will need to have better sewn edges so you don't have the imperfections & jagged edges showing on the backside of the shade. these little tweeks will make all the difference on the next one!

home updates

i love being busy. i'm way more efficient that way. lots done. after church, the craziness began. 
 a while back we painted our bedroom and replaced the carpet. we also painted the doors. well, we only painted the doors on the outside, not the inside of the closets & bathroom. so, that was finally done sunday. sanded & painted! 
so glad to have those 3 doors done. 
(almost sounded like 3 doors down...are they still around???) 
anywho, i saw some great tutorials on my favorite blogs & pinterest for door handle upgrades. so i took the plunge and changed the bright goldish color to black. 
i was hoping for a bronze but didn't find any colors that fit my black it was. 
i didn't take any before & after pictures, but you can get the idea of the before from here.
seriously so excited to get this project finished. i have 2 primer coats complete plus one color coat. tomorrow i'll work on wrapping it up. must make sure it cures really well so trying to be extra careful.


here's what i did:
removed the door knobs
washed them
let them really dry
sanded lightly
wiped off the dust
two coats of primer
two coats of black satin
two coats of polyurethane
this project was spread out over three days to make sure all was dry & cured

etsy shop coming...

after much thought...i'll be opening an etsy shop soon! hopefully by november 1. 
i love decorating, rearranging and re-purposing. 
its just not possible to purchase new items every time you rearrange your home. 
{for me, rearranging is every other week...thanks, dad!}
with my etsy shop i hope to provide that missing link; that place to find design staples that make it easy to re-design your house at the drop of a hat. 
stay tuned for more info on perch.

art & sports

my favorite event: stockley garden art festival. love looking at amazing pieces artists create. finding inspiration & just roaming around stockley garden. the weather forecast looks perfect too.
this is put on by the hope house foundation. they also have the hope house thrift store.
check out the website. neat foundation

then after some nice art perusing, on to the ODU football game!
i love that our saturday is going to cover two entirely different things.
go monarchs!!
so excited...come on 5 o'clock!

happy birthday hubby!

a little white chocolate mocha & a jelly donut
perfect combo of startbucks and dunkin donuts
happy birthday babe!
love you

the weekend

first of all. hello, beautiful weekend weather! how i've missed you.
friday night we stayed in and cooked some delicious tacos & played 5 crowns plus a little rummikub. we love games. i think that's good for couples.
saturday we woke up semi-early & made some bacon (turkey bacon) egg, & cheese breakfast sandwiches then headed out for a little trip to some of our favorite spots.
thrift. portsmouth thrift. macarthur. jcrew to be specific...had a nice giftcard...taste unlimited. met my bro & his sweet gf T. love her & him.
topped off the afternoon with a nap.


now, sipping a glass of wine and trying to decide which picture to print. ali from alisandra photography did a fantastic job with our photo sesh. can't give her enough shout outs. seriously.
here are some photos.

happy monday!

anniversary weekend
it's our second anniversary already!
a wilderness weekend is planned.
never thought i'd consider myself a wilderness woman.
maybe a wilderness wife is better stated


how do you know when you are trusting. 
more do you know when you are trusting God? is there a moment/feeling/peace? 
so i did a little word search on my iphone via the esv app. 
2 kings 18 jumped out at me. i'm not sure the whole back story or the complete setting. i believe this is about Hezekiah...who was 25 when he was king & reigned 29 years. 
things like this are said: 
He trusted in the Lord, the God of Israel...vs.5 
For he held fast to the Lord. He did not depart from following him...vs.6 
and the Lord was with him; wherever he went out, he prospered...vs.7 
i tend to make trusting this huge ordeal. maybe it isn't as complicated as i make it out to be. 
like nike said. just do it. right?

{ps. my dad would be so proud of my old testament findings....ha}

dining room chandelier

when i moved in to our condo the lighting fixtures were new and standard. but as with everything else in the home...i feel the need to switch things around. {furniture is rearranged bi-weekly...if not more...} last summer i removed the glass from the light fixtures & ceiling fans in the hallway, kitchen & living room replacing them with lamp shades. just gave it a warmer feel.


so, some time has passed and i'm on the hunt for a light fixture for over the dining table.
not sure if i want to schnazz this one up or find a totally different light.
 here is what i'm working with....


a little hunting on the world wide web & i found a few beauties for inspiration....
{which i think you could find the chandelier cheap at thrift stores....and minus the crystals...}
so more like this

i'll keep hunting. but send me a photo if you find one!

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