monday night

there is something so refreshing about sitting on your nice comfy couch in your baggy sweatpants with a perfect blanket and the best ipod mix ever. i love not watching tv. i love not hearing all the racket and just listening to beautiful music. its magical. i love it. derrick is working late tonight. i hate that he's not here. but don't feel guilty for piddling through the house....hope he is home's late.

{if i write what i'm about to say it makes me feel even more accountable.}
i really am reminded daily how much i need Christ in my hourly, minute-ly. i try and do things on my own & hit my head & eventually realize i'm trying to do it by myself and not like God be in control. i know he is. i have to make it a daily reality. how do you do that? really? i mean. it sounds easy, but it's not for me. i've seen God work & seen amazing things happen....yet, continue to think i can trump it...really? so lame. pray for me. pray i'm patient. i need it. more importantly. i need Him.

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  1. yay! i found a blog written by you... how amazing! miss you, friend :)


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