new additions

a quick trip to the thrift store after work......
found lots but only came home with two.......for now
can't wait to work some magic on the dresser!!

finally done...kinda

happy 33 years mom & dad!

today is my parents 33rd wedding anniversary! i wish i could be there to celebrate with them but in 7 long days they will be back in VA. there is no doubt that we will party it up a lot. thanks mom & dad for being such a great example for me & dt.

new floors

if you visited our home in the past year, i apologize. our carpets were so disgusting & it really was embarrassing. we would try and move the furniture around to not make it so obvious but you can't hide nasty. from 3 dogs living with us for some time they loved to pull up the berber loops and just dig. not cool. our friend doug, hooked us up with some beautiful wood floors. they look so good. jason and derrick laid the floors yesterday and should finish it up by today. here are the pictures from last nights progress.