thanksgiving, family & sweet friends

{sweet new aprons from Fred}

{cooked the turkey in a roaster oven, which i highly recommend}

{burnin some turkey dinner off shopping early early black friday sales!!}

{the boys had a beard competition.....missed ya Ashly!}

{dt and his boy}

{sweet sophia}

{seriously, she is so sweet! look at those cheek's!}

{what in the world is "Fatback"?????}

{the slogan: "country cookin makes you good lookin"}

weekend wrap-up

a little family time....a little sushi...well, except for DT
so much fun!
love them all

to my sweet veteran.....

although i did not know you when you so bravely served our country........i am so proud. i love that you served in the Navy. i love hearing stories of you in japan. ship living. & really all stories related to you.

i love that you dedicated so many years to your country.

and most importantly....i love you

boy am i lucky!


the best burger & fantastic wrap.
hit. the. spot

birthday weekend

derrick has the hardest time surprising me...not because he doesn't try but because i always guess it....this time, i guessed and guessed and still came up wrong. it was so much fun. i love surprises. and they just kept coming. dinner at green onion.......a new camera!.........breakfast in bed w/ some dunkin donuts & n burger..........i mean seriously??? couldn't have been better.

monday night

there is something so refreshing about sitting on your nice comfy couch in your baggy sweatpants with a perfect blanket and the best ipod mix ever. i love not watching tv. i love not hearing all the racket and just listening to beautiful music. its magical. i love it. derrick is working late tonight. i hate that he's not here. but don't feel guilty for piddling through the house....hope he is home's late.

{if i write what i'm about to say it makes me feel even more accountable.}
i really am reminded daily how much i need Christ in my hourly, minute-ly. i try and do things on my own & hit my head & eventually realize i'm trying to do it by myself and not like God be in control. i know he is. i have to make it a daily reality. how do you do that? really? i mean. it sounds easy, but it's not for me. i've seen God work & seen amazing things happen....yet, continue to think i can trump it...really? so lame. pray for me. pray i'm patient. i need it. more importantly. i need Him.

weekend wrap-up......from a few weekends

sammy turned TWO sept 19.
sneak preview of our nashville weekend....

a super quick weekend in pa. it just went by too fast...missed you there dad!

i'm almost done i promise....
a surprise baby shower for sweet elisa in richmond....
can't wait to meet baby w!
(i didn't have my camera at the shower but here's a fun pic of her & fred)
phew......and october isn't over yet!

one year

we had such a fun anniversary weekend. fred and elisa came to visit. lots of good food, laughs, mani-pedi's, five crowns...and an antique gift from derrick. perfect.
here are some pics.

God is in the rain

since sunday it has been raining non-stop. i do see some sunshine coming our way this weekend though.
living in a condo is tricky when it comes to rain coming in through your walls. do i pay? do you pay? even though our back wall is a mess this is all in God's hands and under his control. here is what's going on...............

hope....for sad news

my very best friend's father-in-law has been battling cancer for a while. yesterday he really took a turn for the worse & had to have surgery....which wasn't successful. the last i heard from alli is that they were saying there goodbyes and he had come of the breathing tube......
all this started a conversation with d last night. i wonder what mr. kemmemer is feeling? thinking? does he feel pain? there is so much comfort through all this since he has a relationship with Christ. it's so amazing that in a few seconds after he passes he will be made perfect. to say that i'm not scared of death or the process of dying is unreal. it's selfish to feel that way, to miss someone...but it's how we are made. its sin. but how incredible is it that there is hope for the believer. hope for the family left behind. derrick was saying that he is almost jealous of mr. kemmerer and that he gets to meet God now. i couldn't agree more but i could see it more in derrick's face that he truly meant it--me on the other hand is hesitant which is so bizarre! i know that Heaven is going to be perfect--and i want my life to reflect that.
back to the kemmerer's. this is such a hard time and my heart aches for mrs., alli, justin, and the rest of the fam. there is hope. hope to see mr. k again and hope in the truth that he is with Him......

new additions

a quick trip to the thrift store after work......
found lots but only came home with two.......for now
can't wait to work some magic on the dresser!!